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Epic Games Escaped Fortnite Dance Lawsuit Easily

The shooter Fortnite is still successful years after its launch and there is no end to its popularity. An essential part of the Epic Games game is the dances, which allow you to celebrate yourself and others. But is there a copyright on (virtual) dances? A court in the US is now investigating the question because Epic Games has been sued for Fortnite dance.

In particular, a choreographer named Kyle Hanagami accused the game company of copying a dance he had created. As PCGamesN reported, it’s about a dance Hanagami did for the music video for Charlie Puth’s song “How Long.” A similar or, according to the plaintiff, exactly the same emote is also in Fortnite, it is called in the popular shooter “It’s Complicated”. Hanagami believed Fortnite was violating its copyrights by letting Epic copy the character dance.