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Logitech Cloud Gaming Console Images Details Leaked

Logitech announced a few weeks ago a partnership with the Chinese internet company Tencent, as part of which they want to introduce a kind of alternative handheld console that will compete with the Nintendo Switch.

Now the device can be seen for the first time. It’s no secret that Logitech is working on some sort of portable game console, given the accompanying announcements about its partnership with Tencent. However, it was unclear what the device dubbed “Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld” would look like and how the form factor should be designed, top leaker Evan Blass Now that things are clear, has already published a few photos showing the gaming tablet in the style of a Nintendo Switch Lite – including the Android-based software.

The Logitech console actually looks like a larger kind of Switch Lite, as the device doesn’t have detachable controllers. Instead, the D-Pad, analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and all other input elements are integrated directly into the housing and thus firmly connected to each other. Notable is the “G button” on the left and the home button on the right.

The images published by Blass also show the user interface of the Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld, which will be based on Android. This shows that, among others, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, the Google Play Store, and Microsoft Xbox are intended as sources for obtaining games. There’s even a Steam icon in the interface, though it’s unclear whether Logitech and Tencent will actually collaborate with such a wide range of partners.

Logitech and Tencent have so far been silent about the planned features of their alternative to portable switches. Blass has also not mentioned any technical details, but since Android is the operating system here, it will be an ARM-based device. This is also suggested by entries in the Geekbench database, which can be found without much effort.

There you will find a device called “Logitech GR006“, which in turn is the model number of the so-called “Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld According to the Geekbench database, that latter device is likely to be a relatively inexpensive product that will be used almost exclusively for game streaming. with its eight to 2.3 gigahertz fast cores as a platform. The chip is a bit older but should offer more than enough performance for the purposes planned here.

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