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EU Metaverse Party Was A Complete Failure Nobody Turned Up

The European Commission held an online party a few days ago, to which almost no one showed up. Although the event was open to any EU resident between the ages of 18 and 35, only six people showed up. However, the project was not cheap.

Presumably, the digital party would have gone under completely if an editor from Devex hadn’t attended the event, Politico reports. On November 29, users in the European Union had the opportunity to dance on virtual beaches. Colorful characters that look like paper clips were used as avatars. The official trailer was posted on the EU International Partnerships Twitter account and received just 65 likes. Some of the five people present at the event may have belonged to the organizers. After brief chats at the beginning, Devex editor Vince Chadwick was alone on the server. So there was no real exchange.

The project cost 387,000 euros

The European Commission’s project is said to have cost around 387,000 euros. With no food or DJs required for the virtual party, the money was spent solely on the Metaverse location. The project was intended to promote the Global Gateway initiative. The target group includes people who are neutral toward the EU. The project aims to promote interest in the Metaverse and the activities of the European Commission on the world stage.

The fact that the Metaverse party was doomed to fail from the start was already evident in the run-up to the event. Some employees involved had no confidence in the project themselves and are said to have even described the project as “digital garbage” and “depressing and embarrassing”. Of course, there are also online parties that are well-received by the community. This is how Epic Games can regularly attract millions of fans as part of Fortnite.

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