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Everything You Know About Apple’s 2022 Air So Far


Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro is making headlines as one of the most impressive laptops Apple has ever produced and with a start price of $2000 the MacBook Pro isn’t ideal for all users. Yes, those who need lots in processing capacity and an impressive display might want to save money however for those who just want to browse the internet and use a few productivity apps and work while on the move The MacBook Pro simply isn’t necessary.

However, there’s an alternative Apple laptop that is suitable for all. The basic MacBook Air is still around nearly 14 years later than its original launch. It’s an excellent laptop that comes with Apple’s M1 chip as well as an adequate keyboard. Rumors suggest Apple is planning a refresh which could elevate this laptop up to the next stage.

At the moment, it appears that the next MacBook Air will launch in 2022. It’s possible that it will not be”the MacBook Air — one recently reported rumor suggests it may just be the title “MacBook.” Are you interested in purchasing one for yourself? We’ve got everything we know as of now.

New design

According to the majority of rumors, Apple will completely redesign the MacBook Air for 2022. If leaks of renders can be trusted, the next MacBook Air will be kind of a mix between the brand new MacBook Pro, the new iMac, and the earlier-generation MacBook Air.

In the case of the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air might get a brand new edge-to-edge display, with an apex, and MagSafe. From the iMac, it is possible that the laptop will have white bezels, as well as an aluminum chassis that can be offered in a variety of colors. In addition, from the earlier-generation MacBook Air, the laptop will likely feature the ultra-thin chassis which has helped make the Air popular throughout the years.

As per leaks by Jon Prosser, the new MacBook Air will be slimmer and lighter than its predecessor version, however, it will eliminate the tapered shape in favor of uniform thickness. Leaked renderings feature a laptop that has MagSafe. MagSafe is absent on Apple’s MacBook Air for a few years until now. They also reveal that the laptop could feature an all-white keyboard. In renderings that don’t appear awful, even though it might get dirtier in time.

We’ll be watching to determine if these renders will be true.

New display

As mentioned, the MacBook Air may get an edge-to-edge display, with the appearance of a corner. But, it’s likely that the display isn’t as impressive as the Mini-LED display that was featured on the latest MacBook Pro. However, rumors suggest that the MacBook Pro will come with a Mini-LED display of some sort.

It’s also possible that Apple will not include a notch in the forthcoming MacBook Air. With the white bezels, the notch is likely to be more obvious and, therefore, Apple could opt out of it.

New Revised performance

The latest-generation MacBook Air offers an M1 chip, which is Apple’s first-generation computer processor. It’s an excellent chip, however, following the launch of two new chips, the M1 Pro and M1 Max Many are now looking at what’s coming next for Apple Silicon. The next chip is likely to be Apple M2, which is the Apple M2 chip, which is the company’s next entry-level processor.

It’s likely that M2 would come with an eight-core chip similar to the M1. However the M2’s cores will be more efficient, and the laptop could feature improved graphics using eight GPU cores or 10. This is up on the previous seven to eight GPU cores within the M1.

MacBook Air: price and release date

We’re anticipating seeing the new MacBook Air launch in 2022. But it is still unclear exactly when it’ll launch. As per Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the device may launch in the third or second quarter. Also, it’s likely that it is announced at the regular WWDC Developer Conference. This event typically occurs in June. We’ll need to wait and watch but it’s possible that it will be announced earlier or later. Apple frequently holds a Mac-specific occasion in the month of October. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also noted that the laptop could be released in 2022 in the Power On newsletter.

We’re anticipating that the laptop will have a price similar to the current generation. This means that it is expected to start around $900-$1000.



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