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Bluetooth In MacOS 12.2 Would Drain Your Battery In Hours


Some MacBook owners who have updated to macOS 12.2 seem to be dealing with batteries that drain overnight. Due to a Bluetooth error, there is high power consumption in sleep mode. Apple hasn’t solved the problem yet. An issue with the Apple operating system’s sleep mode means that Bluetooth devices paired with a Macbook often wake the system from sleep mode. This leads to a greatly reduced battery life. Some users report that their notebook battery level dropped from 100 percent to 0 percent overnight. The device was in sleep mode. However, the error does not seem to occur for all users.

It is unclear why the error only appears on some Macbook owners. The laptop gets loud Macrumors Do not wake up from sleep mode if no Bluetooth device is connected to the system.

Users can turn off Bluetooth

To counteract the problem, Macbook owners can simply turn off Bluetooth when they don’t need their computer. Of course, this only makes sense if no Bluetooth devices need to stay connected to the notebook in sleep mode. Otherwise, the laptop must remain connected to the power supply to avoid a complete discharge. It is currently unclear whether Apple is already working on a solution to the problem. The manufacturer has not yet responded to the bug and has not yet released a corresponding patch. Also, it remains unclear whether the Bluetooth issues also affect the recently released macOS 12.3 beta version. It can be assumed that Apple will release an update in the coming days that fixes the error.