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Ex-Google Executive Blames Huawei Products For Chinese Espionage

Eric Schmidt

US politics is apparently not alone in believing that Huawei poses a risk to the “national security” of the United States and other countries. Former Google boss Eric Schmidt sees the company as a kind of spy service by the Chinese government.

As Eric Schmidt, who served as the CEO of the Internet company Google for many years in an interview with the BBC, he sees in Huawei a “measure” for the so-called “telecommunications and electronic reconnaissance” (“Signals Intelligence”), because actually there is no question that information from Huawei routers ended up in the hands of the state. This probably means the Chinese state and its authorities.

Schmidt now heads a Department of Defense committee

However it happened, you were sure that it had happened, Schmidt told the BBC. Huawei has undoubtedly displayed behavior that is “unacceptable” in terms of national security, the former Google boss said. However, like all other U.S. officials accusing Huawei of spying in favor of the Chinese government, Schmidt, who is now chair of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Board, did not provide any tangible evidence to support his claims. The company responded in the usual manner in a statement: the head of Huawei’s UK branch again explicitly rejected the allegations that the company was said to be only an arm of the Chinese state. He insisted that the company is privately and independently owned and therefore independent of any government, including the Chinese.

Instead of proceeding with the big club, as it has been practiced in the form of sanctions and trade bans against Huawei for some time by the US government, Schmidt sees above all a sensible way to cope with Huawei. The United States and other countries should rather focus on countering with innovative and equivalent products. 

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