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Facebook introduces new tools to prevent online harassment

The users of Facebook had criticized the company for how it tackled harassment and abuse reports in the past. But now, the company has finally announced to take the efficient steps against the online harassment. Facebook to introduce a couple of new tools to prevent harassment and giving more control to its users over who can find and interact with them on the social networking site.

First one, when anyone blocks anyone’s account on Facebook, the harasser can easily sign up for a new account and start harassing the one who blocked their first/original account. But now, Facebook makes it little more difficult for harassers because Facebook will use a number of different signals including the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to identify new accounts from the person who previously been blocked and halt them from sending a friend request or messaging to the person who blocked them.

Secondly, Facebook now allows its users to ignore the messages – from unwanted people— in their messaging section. The newly implemented system will automatically move that unwanted messages to the Filtered Messages folder, users can easily read the conversation without letting the sender knows that they have done so. Currently, this amazing feature is only available for one-on-one chats and company said that it will be rolling it out to group messages soon.

Social networking sites have taken many steps to resolve the growing online harassment problems, but there are still more rooms for improvement.

The recent features implemented by Facebook are good steps against the online harassment and hopefully, we will see more steps in 2018.

Walter Picardo

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