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Facebook Might Not Allow the Option to Delete

The social networking giant—Facebook has made it tougher for people to delete their earlier posts from the site.

When using the desktop version of Facebook, the option of “delete” is nowhere in sight. When the top-right corner menu is clicked on the post, the options displayed are only these:

  • Edit Post
  • Save Post
  • Show in Tab
  • Turn Off Notifications for this post

The move was first noticed by Matt Navara (Social Media, Director at the Next Web) along with some other users saying that they all have faced the same experience. Some users suggested and thought it to be some kind of bug.

This is an unusual and weird move by the social networking site, considering the fact that many people would want to erase some previous posts they might not be willing to keep.

This change or bug or whatever you may call it is just noticed on the Facebook’s desktop site till yet. The delete option is still present for the Android and iOS application users.

According to Navara there could possibly be a bug in the system affecting a number of servers.

Facebook is not entertaining anyone who has come up inquiring about this issue. As per The Inquirer if it is some experiment by the social giant then they are just letting it play and if it’s some kind of issue then at the moment they are devoid of any ideas relating its solution.

Anyway, this morning I just checked logged in Facebook using my desktop to verify the credibility of the news but it showed me the option of delete, so nothing could be said with clarity about this news as Matt Navara is a social giant’s updater who majorly notices and reports the right things foremost and accurate.

For the larger user’s sake lets just hope that may this news be a bug as thought and may the option of “delete” gets restored for all the affected servers.

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  1. That is why it is very important for everybody to think twice before posting anything into the social website, because its not just about Facebook options but in wider perspective its about the privacy of the one posting something on any social media network.

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