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Facebook Now Allows to Add Music to Profile and Stories

music to Profiles and Stories

Today it was announced by Facebook that it would be providing many new ways to the users for incorporating music into their user identities. The firm has got plans of allowing the users to add music to Profiles and Stories. Adding the feature would make the social networking site look very much like MySpace.

Users would now be able to use music in Stories. For making use of the feature they just need to tap on the “music” sticker and choose the song of their choice. One could choose a particular section from a song if that’s just what one desires to play, or one could let the music play until the story ends. The feature works very much as it does on the Instagram Stories.

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Another major feature is that Facebook would soon permit users to play songs on their profile, which is what that has ignited the above-mentioned comparison of Facebook to MySpace. The new Music feature allows the user to show what songs they are listening to and the user could also pin one of these songs to the top of their profile for showing the visitors of their mood status.

Visitors opening the Music section could listen to short clips of any of the songs and could also visit the artist’s page.

The kind of songs shared would indicate to the profile users about the user’s personality type.

It is apparent that Facebook is making the most out of its deals for licensing music like Sony, Warner Bros and UMG. It is also spreading on Lip Sync Live which is the company’s answer to Musical.ly. The users would now be able to read the lyrics of the songs they are syncing to. Currently, it is only available for a few songs, however, Facebook says that it would be adding more songs with time.

Facebook has not given any details that exactly when would these features be launching.

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