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Facebook Watch Party might be coming to Messenger

Watch Party

Not long ago, Facebook took off Watch Parties, a way for group members to watch similar videos together. Now it seems that the organization is testing out Watch Party for the app Facebook Messenger. This means you and your favorite people could watch a synchronized video over group chat on your respective devices while discussing or joking about it. Collective group viewing of cat videos on the internet is always fun.

This “Watch Videos Together” feature could make you spend more time on Facebook Messenger while creating shared experiences that are more meaningful and positive for well-being than passively zombie-viewing videos solo.

Presently, it would seem that the organization is trying a comparative element for Messenger only. TechCrunch reports that code spotted by mobile examiner Ananay Arora focuses to a Watch Party-like element for Messenger that lets everybody in the chat box “control the video and see who’s watching” as well as “chat about the same videos at the same time.”

A Facebook representative disclosed to TechCrunch the component is an “internal test” for the time being, so there’s no assurance it will be taken off to clients. In any case, conveying Watch Party to Messenger would bode well, and Facebook said not long ago that it was at that point testing the apparatus with profiles and pages. What’s more, as past moves, including growing game contributions, cleaning up the application and making its highlights less demanding to utilize, consolidating Watch Party could acquire more Messenger clients going ahead.

When the official update or news regarding Watch Party is released, we will let you know.

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