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Federal Office Approves the security of iPhone and iPad

The Federal Office for Information Security confirms the security features of the iPhone and iPad. The issue here is whether or not the devices may also be used to process classified information in the “For official use only” category.

Apple meets these criteria with iOS and iPadOS as well as with Apple’s own apps such as Mail and Calendar that have been tested by the. “The examination by the BSI was based on the standards and methodology of the internationally recognized Common Criteria,” says a statement from the Federal Office.

Apple and BSI worked together

Corresponding The BSI has now published a brief overview of this “A key factor for the security of iPhones and iPads is the Apple operating system iOS or iPadOS installed on these devices. Apple has agreed to an independent assessment of the central security functions of the operating system and has worked closely with the BSI to do this,” says the BSI.

How relevant?

For the average consumer, however, this safety assessment is only partially correct. The Federal Office checks security in connection with certain rules of conduct that authorities, but also companies, impose on their employees. The devices can only be understood as safe within this framework.

What is interesting about this examination by the authority is that Apple as a company worked together with the BSI and “let them look at their cards”. BSI boss Arne Schönbohm: Secure digitization works particularly well if information security is taken into account from the outset in the development of IT products.

We consider the present test result on the platform security of iOS and iPadOS devices to be an important milestone. The release of commercially available products for processing information with special protection requirements is a novelty from which customized mobile solutions for secure digitization can be derived quickly and cost-effectively in the future.

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