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Find My Device app is getting a logo Update

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We have asked this question plenty of times before: how do I find my device when I forget where I left it. Well, Google provides a perfect solution to this issue via the Find My Device app. As per information via 9to5Google, the app is getting an update with a new logo. If you’re searching for your device, this app is the perfect solution for that.

The software recognizes devices that have your Google account logged in. Your list of devices that you can track down will be shown when you launch the app. When you tap on the device, a map displaying the device’s position will appear.

The gadget will display its most recent location if it is not currently online. There are more options shown underneath the map. To assist you in finding it, one will make a sound on that gadget. Your device will be protected by another device. This will lock the gadget using its PIN or password. Additionally, your account on the device will be deactivated.

Find My Device is getting a Logo update

Those of us who regularly use this app are accustomed to the app’s green pin icon. Although it’s a good logo, Google has been considering altering it for a while. The business unveiled the new logo it intended for the app back in June.

The new logo won’t feature a pin; instead, it will display the traditional Google colors. This will give it a modern Google app appearance. The icon will lack the pin and be more rounded. A blue and green ring with red and yellow radial extensions can be seen. This gives the emblem a radar-like appearance. That makes sense because you’re trying to find your gadgets. The Update is rolling out to the public.

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