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Firefox 75 Will Be Released On April 7: Some Features Would Be Delayed Due To Coronavirus


Tech companies are facing difficulties managing their scheduled tasks, the reason is quite limpid the Coronavirus outbreak and availability of resources, while Google and Microsoft will no longer publish updates for their browsers in the near future, Mozilla does not want to let the Coronavirus crisis get them down and continues to provide updates for Firefox However, some features may be delayed.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, more and more companies are experiencing emergency situations. Chrome and Edge are not currently being updated because there are not enough developers available. Mozilla, on the other hand, would like to stick to the release cycle and only reduce the functional scope of the individual updates. The company announced this on its own wiki page.

On April 7 Firefox 75 Will Be Released

The major releases will continue to see the light of the world every four weeks. Firefox 75 will be deployed on April 7th as scheduled. Due to the current personnel situation, the development of new functions is likely to take longer than originally planned. This means that individual features are late and could only be released with an upcoming major update.

Which planned features fall victim to the Corona crisis and have to be postponed remains unclear. Mozilla is currently examining which changes are less critical and can therefore be easily integrated into a later version.

Just recently Support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 has been extended so that there is no uncertainty in the context of the corona crisis. Support for the outdated protocols should be switched off with Firefox 74. A warning should be displayed to users that the connection is insecure. The insecure protocols are still used on some pages that contain information about Covid-19.

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