For its 2020 TV models, Samsung is introducing cloud gaming this year

As per some recent pieces of information, the South Korean conglomerate is all set to introduce cloud gaming to more TV consumers. The company declared that cloud gaming apps will now be accessible on 2020’s smart TVs. The announcement was made by the company at Gamescom 2023. According to the information, the feature will roll out before the end of this year.

Following the announcement, the company unveiled two new curved monitors. In addition to this, the company shared the news that the RPG game Starfield will be introduced to the Gaming Hub platform in early September. Do note that the Gaming Hub won’t arrive on 2020 TV models.

Cloud gaming apps will arrive on 2020 TV models but without Gaming Hub

Reportedly, cloud gaming will be introduced to 2020 TV models as individual apps. The apps could be accessed from the App Store. Besides Gaming Hub, users will have access to other apps. The cloud gaming apps will be available to consumers in selected markets. They will be able to download the cloud gaming apps without the support of Gaming Hub. Currently, there is no information on which games will be available, but we hope that Xbox and Nvidia GeForce Now make it to the list.

By the end of this year, users will have access to hundreds of video games without the need for a gaming console or PC. However, they will be required to subscribe to a cloud gaming provider and link one controller to the TV. The company has not shared the details of the TV models that will receive the new cloud gaming apps. There is a possibility that it won’t be rolled out to lower-end models like the Crystal series.

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