In September, Samsung will release its generative AI tool

For quite some time now, we have known that the South Korean tech giant Samsung is working on its own generative AI tool. As per some recent pieces of information, the company will debut its generative AI tool next month. Korean media reports that Samsung will debut the new tool at the Real Summit 2023 event. The event is scheduled for September 12 in Seoul, South Korea. Reportedly, the event is targeted at generative AI and cloud technologies.

According to the reports shared by the country’s local media, Samsung collaborated with Naver, a domestic tech firm, for this project. The plans were confirmed the following month by its co-CEO, Kyung Kye-hyun. He remained mum about the arrival date of the tool, though. Currently, there is no information on whether the tool is going to be the final product or an early version.

The new AI tool will be limited to Samsung

The trend toward generative AI tools began with the arrival of ChatGPT, and now every tool on the internet comes with some features of generative AI. While some are all-encompassing, stand-alone tools, others specialize in a particular area or are built into already-existing products.

On the other hand, the new AI tool by Samsung is expected to be a different product. It doesn’t have a name yet. Reportedly, it will help improve and grow the business processes of the company. The company will reportedly use the generative AI tool in several business areas, like cost management, transcription of audio files or voice notes, translation of documents, data analysis and information sourcing for chip production, and customer service.

In simple words, we can say that the tool will only be used by the company. It won’t be available to the public. Earlier this year, Samsung allowed its employees to utilize OpenAI’s AI tool and boost their work. The company then decided to work on its own tool after some of the workers accidentally leaked chip information via ChatGPT.

Since then, Samsung has banned the use of all third-party generative AI tools on the company’s official devices and internal networks. However, this implies that it will miss out on significant business improvements made possible by AI. This is perhaps the reason Samsung is hurriedly releasing its own alternative. It will be interesting to watch whether the Korean giant eventually releases a public version of the tool to compete directly with ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other services.

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