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FritzBox Lab Update: AVM Fixes Radar Detection Issues

AVM has released a new update for the Wi-Fi 6 FritzBox 7530 AX. This is an experimental lab update, currently, in need of refinement – new features will not be introduced with this new version. AVM has added to the lab program and has now released an update for the FritzBox 7530 AX, which had already appeared for other models last week. There are no innovations, mainly bugs have been improved and some optimizations have been added. Still, there are some interesting details.

Bug fixes and more

Among other things, the radar latency (DFS) calculation based on a frequency range with a channel bandwidth of 20 MHz has been improved. In addition, AVM has worked on a radar detection issue (DFS event) and eliminated a bug in the initial setup wizard.

We’ve added the release notes for this update at the end of the post. Anyone using a FritzBox 7530 AX can now try out the new version. The update brings build 7.39-98933. Provider-bound models usually cannot use the lab updates.

Tips for beta testers

Details on the respective beta updates can be found on the AVM website for the laboratory program or directly in the beta packs that can be downloaded there. You will also find useful tips for using the beta versions and getting started as a beta tester.

The update is available as a download package with all important information about the beta on the AVM website. It is important to remember that AVM cannot support beta updates. So try it out at your own risk.

Improvements to FritzOS 7.39-98933

  • Created:
  • 160 MHz channel bandwidth was not possible after radar detection (DFS event).
  • Improvement:
  • Calculation of the radar latency (DFS) based on a frequency range with a channel bandwidth of 20 MHz
  • increased stability
  • network:
  • Improvement:
  • Treatment for displaying connections when using certain network switches
  • Telephony:
  • Created:
  • A phone number from the call list cannot be added to the phonebook and call barrings
  • home network:
  • Created:
  • Various errors in the initial setup wizard