Google Meet users are now able to make one-on-one calls


Sometimes all you really need to do is give that one coworker a call. That’s something you can accomplish with Google Meet, but if you were using an Enterprise plan, you couldn’t. Thankfully, things have changed since then. One-on-one calls can now be made by enterprise Google Meet users, according to the report.

You would need to create and transmit an invite code to the other person to have a one-on-one call with the Enterprise plan. You might use Google Calendar or another method to email the link to the recipient. To participate in the call, the other party would have to accept the invitation. While it’s not the worst thing, it makes face-to-face interactions with people quite tiresome. It’s something that would encourage communication on other sites.

Business Users of Google Meet can now speak with each other without sending an invitation

You don’t need to worry about Meet if you’re the type of person who dislikes utilizing it this way. Google is starting to roll out a feature that lets you message someone directly without sending them an invitation.

Simply type the person’s name into the search box or choose from the options in the new grid to initiate a phone call. Before you place the call, you will receive a brief preview screen. The other person’s phone will ring when you hit the call button at the bottom.

People will be reminded of Google Duo by this, even though some of its standout features are absent. You can still use live captioning, in-meeting chat, and virtual backgrounds, though. It’s like having a large group meeting, except that you’re having a one-on-one discussion.

The implementation of this new feature is underway; however, it may take several weeks. The feature is presently going out for iOS users, so you should get it in the next two weeks. You can expect a significantly longer wait if you’re using Android. November 14 is when the rollout will begin, and it will be finished two weeks prior to that.

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