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Google could introduce Generative AI for Gmail

In the technology world, the next big thing is Artificial Intelligence. Several companies have entered the AI world by introducing their services and products backed by artificial intelligence. Microsoft, Google, and Meta are some examples. Some recent pieces of information suggest that Google could soon introduce generative AI to Gmail. The latest information comes from 9to5Google.

Well, the information should be taken with a grain of salt. Since the feature was discovered in the APK breakdown. The new feature is embedded in version 2023.03.05.515729449 of the Gmail app. Do note that the company has not shared any details regarding this feature. So, it is quite possible that it could alter or couldn’t be introduced at all.

Google could bring generative AI to Gmail

Well, this is not something new. Since Google has already provided reply suggestions based on AI in the Gmail app. Besides the reply suggestions, users can even benefit from autofill sentences that boost performance. It seems like the company is now intending to level up the game.

As per the shared images, a new button indicating ‘Help me Write’ appears while typing a new email. It is quite similar to the one presented with a ChatGTP-style email generator. Upon clicking the button the user will be asked to give a prompt for writing. Followed by this, the user will have the desired result.

Well, how users react to this feature will unveil with time. Some users might appreciate it in order to avoid troubles faced while typing an email. While others might not prefer AI for typing all of their emails. For this reason, the button states Help me write not Write this entire email for me.

When this feature will arrive, is unknown at the moment. We can hope to learn about it in the near future.

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