Latest amendment to Google Maps might make it a little less intuitive

The point of a good app depends on making it usable. Intuitive navigation can add a lot to the user’s experience, and it’s available via Google Maps. As per information via 9to5Google, the latest swipe feature will make it less intuitive.

If you want to use Google Maps without elements like a search bar and intuitive navigation, you need to tap your finger on the screen. By doing this, it’ll provide you with a clear interface. To pin down a specific location, you need to hold on to an empty spot on the map. It has been this way over the years, but it might be a minor inconvenience for some.

Google introduces the latest swipe gesture for Google Maps

This latest amendment has been under testing since February, and people have been able to see it for a while now. With this latest update, to clear your screen, you need to swipe your bars rather than tap on the screen. Although it’s not that hard to do, there might be some unnecessary movements.

In the latest update, a pin will be dropped as soon as you tap your screen. People might open the app and start to drop off pins as per the previous update. Although a popup is already there to give you a little reminder about the update,

This isn’t a breakthrough, as the old method was also fine. As it was able to clear your screen with a single tap along with some pin drops without tilting your device much. This latest amendment ought to be a little inconvenient.

This update is still rolling out, so you can expect it soon on your devices.

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