Google And Microsoft Not To Challenge EU Rules

With the Digital Market Act (DMA), the EU imposes new regulations on dominant companies, so-called gatekeepers. Now Microsoft and Google are signaling that they do not want to challenge the rules regulating market power.

DMA: Google and Microsoft comply

In recent decades, disputes between the EU and large tech companies have often resembled a game of cat and mouse. In recent years, the EU has been able to demonstrate its effectiveness with laws such as the GDPR. The latest set of regulations, the Digital Market Act (DMA), is about to turn the business of large companies on its head.

The EU has defined 22 “gatekeeper” services operated by six of the world’s largest technology companies. The DMA prescribes comprehensive new rules for applications such as app stores, messengers, and other services. Companies have until November 16th to file a complaint against the new requirements with the Luxembourg court.

As Reuters reports, Microsoft and Google will not challenge the new EU law in this process. “We accept our designation as gatekeepers under the Digital Markets Act and will continue to work with the European Commission to fulfill the obligations imposed on Windows and LinkedIn under the DMA,” the news agency quoted a Microsoft spokesperson as saying.

A spokesman for Google parent Alphabet also stated that they would not take action against the orders from Brussels. None of the “gatekeeper” companies operates more services in the EU that are subject to the strict rules of the DMA than the search engine company. It is expected that Google will have to make some adjustments to its Android operating system, maps, and search, among other things.

Resistance from Meta & more

However, other companies that are defined by the EU as dominant have already announced resistance. Reuters claims to have learned from industry sources that Meta wants to take action against the DMA in order to avoid having to open Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It is also suspected that Amazon and Apple want to challenge their status and the associated obligations.

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