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Google Announced to Bring Free Wi-Fi to Nigeria in 2019

free Wi-Fi to Nigeria

Google has announced that it would be bringing free Wi-Fi to Nigeria next year. As per the announcement free high-speed Internet access through Wi-Fi hotspots would be provided to Nigeria. The program is referred to as the “Google Station” for Nigeria. The program is focused on bringing high quality and high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Nigeria in collaboration with one of the biggest fibre network providing firm of West Africa.

Google mentioned that the initiative is part of its bigger plan of providing Internet facility more accessible to all the Nigerians.

Google Station would be launched in two hundred locations in five cities throughout Nigeria by the end of the next year, thus providing Wi-Fi access to millions of people. The sites included are transport centres, universities, markets, shopping malls and more.

Following India, Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico, Nigeria is the fifth country to get the Google Station program as informed by Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor—the Country Director for Nigeria at Google.

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The announcement of free Wi-Fi in Nigeria by Google was among the many announcements that Google anticipates would not just benefit the Nigeria but all the people throughout Africa.

These announcements included an update on the many products from Google’s “Go” initiative, which was introduced in 2017. The Go product focuses on providing people with the best possible Google experience with low bandwidth connections and low RAM gadgets.

Some of the new features included in the Go initiative includes:

  • YouTube Go

Users would be able to search for the downloaded YouTube Go videos saved as the .yt files, directly from their phone gallery.

  • Android Go

It was introduced in Nigeria and twenty-nine other African nations previously this year. It provides the people who get online the most powerful and trustworthy smartphone experience.

  • Google Go

It would soon read the web pages loudly and would also highlight each word for the users to follow.

  • Google Maps Go

It would provide the users with the turn-by-turn directions, no matter which mode of transportation is adapted.

Google is not the only tech company who has entered the Nigerian market with the aim of providing Internet access to the public using Wi-Fi.

In 2017, Tizeti—a firm with solar-powered Wi-Fi towers entered into Nigeria in collaboration with Facebook to provide affordable Wi-Fi services to the public.

The difference between the Google and Facebook offered Wi-Fi is that the Google Station Wi-Fi is for free to the public.

Ehimuan-Chiazor said that they are providing new options for improving and expanding access in Nigeria and throughout Africa. These initiatives indicate the commitment Google has to Africa via products made to assist the people in Africa for making the most use of Internet facility.

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