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Google Docs update brings latest features for formatting & customization of tables

Google Docs

Google Docs is all set for the latest update. This latest update is bringing up some improvements regarding the organization of content. New and latest options are being added relating to formatting and organizing in the word processor tool. These new features will make table formatting handy with the available options.

Customizing tables

In this latest update, there are three styles available for table of content by default. Among these three designs, you can choose whether you want a plain text style, a dotted one, or a tab leader style that will let you add up lines between a heading or page number. You can set up a specific style for lines in this format. Along with these, there is a link style that allows you to link the content page with the document; clicking on the content will take you to the page where you have written about it. Check boxes are added together to efficiently enable or disable page number.

You can choose which heading to keep in the tables of contents using check boxes that look similar. The indent for each heading can also be modified using the same tools. In the drop-down option for headers, there are presets for six different indent sizes. Options are available in sizes 0-1.25 inches. According to a blog post on Google’s Workspace Updates earlier this week, “With these enhanced modifications, we hope this highly requested feature refines titles and headings to personalize the content of your document.”

Content Formatting

In other places, Google has rearranged the formatting choices offered in the sidebar for table properties in Docs. You will receive a new “Table” section with three alignment settings when adding or modifying a table. You can choose the indent and column order according to your preferences. Moreover, a new “Cell” section with cell-specific formatting options is added to the same sidebar. You can adjust the padding and vertical alignment of the cells with this feature. The business said in the same news post that these modifications “make it easier for you to identify and utilize table layout options.”

This latest update is being rolled out to users

This latest update is already being rolled out. Google began rolling out this feature on March 20th.This update will be provided to users on the rapid release domain. Google is aiming to provide this update within the next two weeks for these users. The public rollout, on the other hand, is scheduled to begin on April 3.This will be available to users within the first week of April.

This latest update will be rolled out to every user without any specifications. Any kind of user, whether it’s someone with a personal Google account or a business customer, will receive this update.

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