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The Google Assistant development team will now work on Bard

Some recent pieces of information suggest that the development team of Google Assistant has now been assigned a different task. Sources indicate that the Google Assistant team will be working on Bard.

Since its release, ChatGPT has redesigned and changed the whole tech industry. in response to this, various tech companies introduced their services and products. Google was one of them. It entered the competition by introducing Bard. Bard is the official conversational chatbot introduced by Google in response to ChatGPT.

If you are considering that Google Assistant and Google Bard are two distinct services then you are wrong. They have much in common. Both depend on conversational AI and advanced language processing in order to perform tasks and activities. Currently, Google Assistant has almost 700 million active users. for this reason, Google believes that the Assistant team could help to make Bard better.

The Google Assistant development team is now working on Bard

Bard will now be available in certain regions, mentioned Sissie Hsiao, the Vice president, and general manager of Google Assistant. It indicates that the company is readying to introduce Bard to the public soon. It is believed that the Google Assistant development team is highly experienced. Sissie Hsiao herself is well-experienced. She has been working with Google since 2006 and has contributed to various projects like Analytics, Search, and advertising. Furthermore, her efforts are reflected in the improvements made to the Google Assistant app which is now better at processing language and understanding speeches at a high level.

In addition, Google replaced the “Hey Google” buzzword on the Nest Hub Max with the Look and Speak function. The function searches for specific criteria, such as head orientation, face match, and gaze direction, to initiate a dialogue. Bard is yet another Google experiment that acts as a tool for data gathering. Given the quick development of AI and its incorporation into various applications, Bard might eventually end up utilizing Google services.

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