Google Drive might receive an odd UI update

Google Drive

According to information via AssembleDebug, the Google Drive app might receive an odd UI update on Android. This source is a trusted one in spite of Google leaks, and the information was shared via X. Several screenshots were shared that displayed the current look of the app and what it might look like in the future. However, Google is only applying some visual amendments instead of revamping the entire app.

Google is testing an odd UI update for Google drive

This latest update displays folders in a grid view, highlighting their background. Although this doesn’t look very attractive, In addition, the “+” button has a larger appearance now that “New” is written next to it. You may scan a document, make new folders and files, and do a lot more using this button. Basically, it’s used to add new files to Google Drive.

The absence of a status bar in the updated user interface is another change. In all honesty, this is probably simply being done this way for representational purposes, so it will probably still be there. Naturally, Google has no justification for hiding the status bar when using Google Drive.

Most likely, this change will come to the app

Where AssembleDebug obtained this image is unknown to us. We’re not sure if this is what Google is now doing with a particular version of Google Drive or if it’s just testing the redesign on a small group of users. We’re not sure; however, it might also be a change that is concealed by a flag.

In any case, given that this design is now undergoing testing, it’s probable that Google will eventually make it available to all users. Although it’s not a guarantee, there’s a good possibility it will

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