Google Drive now displays PDFs on two pages on tablets and foldable devices

Google Drive

Two years ago, the tech giant Google debuted Android 12L. Since then, the company has taken all necessary measures to improve the first-party apps. Such a strategy helps the apps take full advantage of the big screens of foldable smartphones and tablets. According to some recent pieces of information, the company is improving apps with new features that will eventually increase users’ productivity.

Just a few weeks earlier, we heard that Google Drive would soon receive a two-page layout. Well, the app is now getting the feature for its PDF viewer. It increases efficiency by enabling you to examine two pages of a PDF file side by side. When reading a book or comparing content from two side-by-side pages, this feature is fantastic. When using a suitable foldable phone or tablet in landscape mode, this view is accessible. Click the button on top that appears between the three-dot menu and the search button to enable this mode.

The new design will be helpful for reading e-magazines and ebooks. According to the company, the new feature is now accessible to all users with personal Google accounts and all Workspace users. Furthermore, the Google Drive Android app has several other improvements, including the capacity to annotate PDF files. It even has support for the multi-instance feature. It helps open two different files side-by-side.

In addition to this, the widgets now present a more modern design appeal. The navigation rail is improved and now features more files on big screens like foldables and tablets. All in all these features improve the users’ productivity.

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