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Google Employees Will Work From Home For Another Year Until Summer 2021

In the United States and other countries, Google employees stay in the home office for an entire year, according to the Wall Street Journal. This decision may have some consequences.

At Google, it seems to be certain to be able to work in this way, the home office remains the most important place for many of the Group’s employees. In order not to run the risk of suddenly closing entire offices and losing employees, Google even remains in the home office until July 2021. In any case, these plans are currently reported and have been confirmed. Google is said to have rejected the idea of ​​going back to normal soon.

That should affect around 200,000 employees. Other corporations are planning a major return to office in January 2021, which would be quite late compared to other jobs. Of course, this is primarily about the American market. There, the government overslept appropriate measures against Corona and must now bear the consequences. From the customer’s perspective, it is all the more exciting what this means for the future.

Consequences for events and new devices?

Is it even possible to develop and launch a smartphone at Google with a forced home office? Does this mean further delays for the Pixel 5, will the market even start in autumn? The hardware business in this area is still hardly worth mentioning for Google, but the first swing after pixels 3, 3a, and 4 is currently being lost. And what about Google I/O next May, the expanded home office plans are thwarting the developer conference. In the American system, the extended home office should not only have disadvantages. 

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Google employees can now bind themselves to a location or place of residence for another twelve months. The topic of homeschooling for the kids was an equally important admission to the employees. Is still a pretty blatant number when almost a quarter of a million employees have not entered the company for more than a year.

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