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Google, Facebook And Netflix To Introduce Mandatory Corona Vaccination For Employees


At the moment there are discussions almost everywhere in the world about whether and how one can induce vaccination opponents and other skeptics to vaccinate against Sars-CoV-2. Government agencies naturally find it difficult to enforce this, but private companies have more leeway.

This also applies to Netflix: The streaming giant will require actors and employees on the set to be vaccinated against Corona or to provide appropriate evidence. As the Hollywood industry medium Deadline reports, Netflix is ​​the first studio to issue such a (more or less strict) categorical obligation.

From now on, all employees or those involved in filming must be vaccinated, essentially everyone who has close contact on the set should be protected against Corona. It affects everyone who works in what is known as “Zone A”, i.e. those who deal directly with actors.

Vaccination Would Be Mandatory With Some Exceptions

Such a compulsory vaccination is not new in the film industry, but so far it has only affected individual productions. Netflix is ​​the first studio to implement such a move for all filming. However, a few exceptions will also be possible; the reasons given are age, medical circumstances, or religion.

Netflix is ​​the first Hollywood great to introduce compulsory vaccinations, but in the technology industry, you are not alone in this, on the contrary. Companies such as Facebook and Google had previously issued a compulsory vaccination for all those who want or have to return to the office.

Apple is taking a different route, planning to postpone the return to the office until October. In addition, the group from the Californian Cupertino will forego vaccination certificates for customers in its stores, but the mask requirement remains, even if this is actually not required by the authorities.

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