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Google first foldable would be cheaper than other foldables


The Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are currently our favorite Android phones. Despite a variety of issues, Google’s new phones get more right than wrong, and its Tensor chip appears ready to scale to another form factor altogether: a foldable. The device has popped up in the rumor mill already several times and under many different codenames. Now, we have reported pricing for the Google foldable, expected to launch as the Pixel Notepad.

As per 9to5Google, the device will launch with a $1,399 price point. This would make it the highest-priced Pixel phone we’ve seen to date, and $300 more expensive than the Pixel 6 Pro’s highest storage option (512GB, $1,099). It would, however, undercut other foldables, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, which launched at a $1,799 price tag.

Previous reports from 9to5 have said that the phone, which would presumably launch by the end of the year, will have the same Google Tensor chipset that powers the Pixel 6 lineup and a more conservative camera setup that reuses the Sony IMX363 sensor — used from the Pixel 3 all the way up to the Pixel 5a — instead of the 50MP Samsung GN1 camera. It will also have a form factor more akin to the Oppo Find N than the Galaxy Z Fold3, with a shorter, wider inside display.

Of course, if it’s indeed coming so late this year, we’re not expecting to see solid leaks about the device for a good few months, if it even graces the market at all. What we do know is that Android 12L — or Android 13, depending on the timing — will be a perfect fit for it.



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