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Google Home’s option to reorder favorites was tested by some lucky beta testers

 With a much-needed update to its home app, Google ensured you’d experience fewer taps and gave you an easier method to save many of the top smart home products you use frequently. The redesigned Favorites panel, where the devices and automations that matter the most show up first when you open the app, was one of the revamp’s standouts features when it was released last November to those who participated in the public preview. There is no way to categorize the devices in this section by relevance; the intention was to enable you to customize your smart home controls. For a select group of lucky beta testers, this is about to change as Google is introducing the option to rearrange devices in the Favorites tab.

You can now reorder your favorites in Google home

Those who have access to the public preview can pin their preferred gadgets. For easier access to the live video without further taps, you may, for instance, place your security cameras front and center. There is a “Add” button at the bottom of the device list if you wish to add more devices to the roster. With the most recent Google Home beta, that button is missing, according to a screenshot shared by a Redditor (version 2.67.x). However, something more potent takes its place.

Two new buttons, labelled “Reorder” and “Edit,” have been added to replace the previous functionality, as can be seen in the image above provided by one of our tipsters. The first button enables you to rearrange the gadgets in the Favorites tab. When a device no longer needs to be on the home screen, use the Edit button to clean it up.

As per information from 9to5Google, the latest buttons are only accessible to users who obtained access to the new Google Home design through a “separate dogfood program.” These latest buttons aren’t available to everyone. Dogfood builds are typically only accessible to Google employees. Although some users got its as they are leaked. This still implies that if you opted into the public preview by setting menu of app.

We should expect the “Reorder” button to be made available to the regular public preview testers in no time given that Google already committed to including this option in the Home app before it is broadly released. Following to that, it might take some time but we can estimate how many additional modifications to anticipate.

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