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Google increases the price of Nest Aware subscriptions


Over the course of the last few weeks, we have learned that several service providers like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon raised the prices of their subscription services. As of now, we have come across a piece of information that suggests that Google is also going to increase the price of its Nest subscription service.

Subscription charges of Nest Aware have increased

The information from the Google Store page indicates that the price of Nest Aware has risen. It is increased from the previous $6 per month or $60/year to $8 per month or $80/year. Furthermore, the prices of Nest Aware Plus are up from the previous $12 per month or $120/year to $15 per month or $150/year.

What is Google’s Nest Aware service?

In order to gain added benefits from the Google Nest devices, users can access the Nest Aware services. Normally, the Nest cameras are capable of recording three hours of event history. Subscription to a standard plan allows for 30 days of event history. On the other hand, a Plus plan offers 60 days and an extended 10 days of endless video history. Additionally, it offers facial recognition, and sound recognition for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, enables the Nest Hub Max to function as a standalone camera, and facilitates communication with the nearest 911 call center.

New consumers are subject to the newly imposed subscription charges, whereas existing consumers from the US, UK, and Australia, will experience the price change beginning this fall. The company will notify users in other areas 30 days prior to the price increase. According to Google, every user won’t be affected by this price change unless they have canceled their subscription or subscribed to Nest Aware via Google partners like ADT. The company describes how to check on their help page if you are unsure whether you have Nest Aware via one of Google’s partners.

Given the recent price increase, Google has responded very strangely to the situation. The company states that subscription prices are prone to change in order to align with the market shifts that are impacted by factors like inflation and local tax upgrades.

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