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Google Introduces 3 Apps to Prevent Screen Addiction

screen addiction

Google has introduced 3 applications to prevent screen addiction.

Screen addiction is a bitter reality of the today’s world. People have this desire to constantly check their screens for no genuine reason. This habit had gone deep into the lives to the point where one cannot just let go of it. As per a survey that was conducted by the global software security group Kaspersky Lab many individuals does not recall the information by recalling the memory instead they prefer to take the help of the search engines.

Excessive use of the smartphones could developed digital amnesia which means that the users’ memory could get weak on a serious note. Google has added 3 helpful applications under the tag of “experiments with Google”, collection over the Play Store. The objective of the app’s development is to control the use of the smartphones. These apps are envelope, screen stopwatch and activity bubbles up.

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The app, envelope unfortunately is just compatible with the Pixel 3a of Google and could be used for transforming the smartphone into a much calmer device. This application works by permitting the users to print out of the PDF and then fold it in the shape of an envelope. Once finished the users would only be able to use the cameras and place calls of the phone.

Via the app, screen stopwatch the users would get an idea that how much time they have spent making use of their smartphones on a per day basis. In 2019, Google introduced an app of the same nature called Unlock Clock, this app permits the users to see the number of times they have unlocked the phone.

The application has been designed for the help of the users about and information into what their device usage looks like. Every time the phone is unlocked a new bubble appears on the smartphone screen. The more the phone is unlocked the bigger the bubbles are to get.

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