When syncing tab groups, Chrome will provide more alternatives

You won’t need to worry about data transmission while using Chrome to sign into your Google account on a new device. All of your data will sync in accordance with your selections, allowing you to continue where you left off. You will now have more flexibility over how Chrome syncs your tab groups.

In case you are unaware of the tabs group, here’s a quick brief. If you are a suer who prefers working on multiple tabs simultaneously you might love this feature. But did you know that you have the choice to organize them? Yes, you can organize the tabs in the form of tab groups.

Once a tab group has been created, a colored dot can be seen on the leftmost tab in the group. Additionally, each tab in the group will have a line underneath it. The dot’s color will be reflected in the line. You can name the group by selecting it with the right click. The feature is space-saving. Upon clicking on the dot/group name, the tabs will squeeze to the size of the group’s name. In order to make a group, select the tabs, right-click, and tap on the Add to new group button.

You will have more control over how tab groups are synced in Chrome

The feature is currently available in the most recent version of Chrome Canary (v. 117). It is not accessible to average users. In January 2023, a user spotted a button that helps sync the tab groups along with the user’s data. Do note that the feature is capable of syncing active as well as saved tabs simultaneously. Currently, there is no option to individually sync the tabs.

Well, this could be annoying since users might prefer syncing tab groups instead of current active tabs. As of now, it is reported that the company has introduced a method to sync the tabs. There are no details on when we will receive a stable version of Camary version 117.

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