Google reminds Gmail users to turn on the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature

The Internet has its pros and cons. It can be a dangerous place since it is prone to hacks, scams, and even worse-case scenarios. Given these privacy concerns, the tech giant Google introduced the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature to Gmail back in 2020.

You might be wondering how this feature works. Well, the feature works by checking every website a user visits against a database of expected malicious sites. In simpler words, it is quite similar to an anti-virus program. Initially, the company introduced the feature for its Chrome browser later on it was extended to Gmail. This was a wise choice because it’s simple for people to click on a wrong link under the impression that it comes from a reliable source. There are a ton of email scammers operating under the cover of legitimate businesses.

Don’t forget to activate the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature on Gmail

Well, a feature is meaningless if it is not used. For this reason, the company intends to remind users to activate Enhanced Safe Browsing. You’ll probably notice a message telling you to “Get more protection against scams” when using the Gmail app. Well, it is totally your decision to turn it on or off. Just remember that your security will enhance when you enable this feature while using the Gmail app. In another case, you can press the No Thanks button to avoid it.

Google is reminding users about another feature

The company is reminding users to activate photo backups on Google Photos. While opening the Google Photos app, users are presented with a banner on top of the screen that reminds them to take the most out of Google Photos. On tapping the notification banner, users are directed to a settings page where they can turn on or off the backups. Users can turn on the backups as well as notifications.

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