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Apple Airtags: Second Generation Possible After Sales Record, Said Kuo

The most watched and listened Apple products analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple’s AirTag could be released in a second generation, but only if the tracking accessory continues to grow.

Although the AirTags is a budget-friendly hit, it has been plagued by controversy due to some users’ misdeeds. Analyst MingChi Kuo from TF Securities stated that the accessory’s popularity continues to rise.

The analyst, writes that the AirTag has “slowly grown in shipment since its release.” It is estimated that the tracker’s shipment estimates have reached approximately 20 million by 2021 and 35 million by 2022.

Kuo says that AirTag “not received much attention.” This refers to how Apple set up the connected systems and released the tracker, but hasn’t made any significant changes to the product. The analyst states that if AirTag shipments keep growing, then I believe Apple will create the 2nd generation.

Apple releases almost always have a second-generation model. The company is known for refining its products over multiple generations. Although not a huge leap of speculation, Kuo’s comments are a rare vote of confidence that a new model might arrive at some point.

However, the design is simple enough that it’s easy to modify or change in future updates. It’s not clear where Apple might take the tracker in the future.