Google is experimenting with the Read Aloud feature for Chrome

According to some recent pieces of information, the tech giant Google is working on a new ‘Read Aloud” feature for its browser app. As the name suggests, the feature will read the web articles for users. Well, the feature is not entirely new on the market; some other apps, like Microsoft Edge, already feature it. It seems like the company is eager to roll out the new feature. However, it has been in the development stage for some time now.

In late August, Google rolled out the feature to the Canary channel for early testing. Although the feature got introduced as quite basic, it was significantly improved after a few weeks. One of the specifications of the read-aloud feature includes the ability to change the playback speed while reading. It can be set at any speed from the eight different speed options, ranging from 0.5x to 4x.

With the latest update, the company has added another feature that can highlight sentences while reading the articles. Read sentences fade out. It is a convenient way to keep track of reading progress without consistently looking at the screen. Furthermore, users can turn it off if they find it distracting.

Users can find the highlight sentences button next to the speed controller. Currently, the button is non-functional. It will be updated shortly, perhaps. Besides these two buttons, the toolbar contains options for changing the font size, background color, and more. It might add support for changing the narrator’s voice as well. Currently, there are no details on when the feature will be available to the public. It might arrive shortly.

Users can now customize the theme color on Google Chrome

Users can change or customize the theme color of Google Chrome via its built-in feature. The feature is currently only functional with the wallpapers from the “Customize Chrome” panel. With the latest update on Chrome Canary, the feature will receive support for images saved on a computer. It will provide a more personalized browser experience. It is expected that both new updates will be released in the upcoming weeks.

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