RCS chats will be simple to identify in Google Messages

Do you find it difficult to identify the RCS messages and SMS messages in chat? Well, don’t worry a possible solution is just around the corner. The tech firm Google is reportedly rolling out a new feature that will make it easier to identify the RCS conversations. However, the fresh feature is currently in the testing phase. It was spotted in the beta version of the app. It is anticipated that it will soon be rolled out in the stable build.

Now users can easily identify RCS conversations

Previously, Google has not put in any effort to spot the RCS chats. As of now, users can’t identify RCS chats by just simply looking at the chats. A user gets to know about an RCS chat only when a chat is opened and the user begins messaging.

The messages you’ve sent and received in the chat list have a lock icon to indicate encryption. You’ll either notice a ‘Chat message’ or a ‘Text message’ indicator in the text box before you begin typing a message. When you begin composing a message, you also receive a signal: either a lock icon next to the send icon or a writing indicator that reads “SMS.” This modification will help users to identify RCS conversations in their chat list. You’ll notice a list of open chats when you launch Google Messages, as well as a new icon next to the profile pictures of those you’re corresponding with.

A new RCS icon is now a part of the chat list

The new icon is presented in the bottom-right corner. It is present in both individual as well as group conversations. The icon is a basic version of the app logo. It includes Dynamic Color themes as well. Well, this is quite a useful update since users will be able to easily sort out the RCS convos.