Google Pixel 8 Devices Will Receive Updates For 5 Years Following Apple

Google is rumored to be extending the warranty for Android updates on its Pixel smartphones. While Samsung and Apple provide their flagships with the latest operating systems for up to five years, Google’s 3-year promise is currently considered to be last.

Is the real update guarantee coming for 5 years?

Google is currently delivering important updates for Pixel smartphones five years after their market launch. However, this is only the period for security patches. The operating system updates themselves end after three years. Now the search engine company would like to improve the longevity of its cell phones and is considering a longer Android update guarantee.

Sources from 9to5Google are reporting a significant surge in Android support, leaving Samsung behind and Apple iPhone (iOS) should unlock. Although no concrete figures are available at the moment, Google would have to provide its Pixel devices with Android updates for at least five years in order to outperform or match the competition.

Apple and Samsung are the pioneers

Samsung’s top models are currently being supplied with the latest Android versions for four years, while Apple will even equip the five-year-old iPhone XS (2018) with iOS 17 in September. In Cupertino, they often even go a step further. For example, security patches for the iPhone 6S (iOS 15) from 2015 are still being distributed.

In particular, the in-house Google Tensor chip, which has been used on an ARM basis since the Pixel 6 (Pro), could make it easier for the company to provide Pixel smartphones with Android updates for longer than three years. The software optimization on your own hardware is an advantage here. An example: Nvidia has been offering suitable updates for the “Shield” set-top box with its own Tegra chip for over eight years.

It is expected that Google will shed light on the launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro with Android 14 in the fall and will extend support not only for upcoming but possibly also for older devices. However, until an official statement is made, the rumors should be viewed with some skepticism.

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