Officially, Google Pixel Pass has been discontinued

Google Pixel 6 Pro

As per some recent pieces of information, the tech giant Google has officially discontinued the Pixel Pass service. Let’s just quickly review the above-mentioned term in case you are unaware of the Pixel Pass service. Pixel Pass was basically a service introduced by Google that enables users to divide the cost of their smartphone over a two-year period. It is similar to the installment plans introduced by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

This is a convenient way for users to upgrade their devices. However, it is ending now. The company didn’t announce anything officially. Instead, the service’s termination slipped under the radar and is only mentioned on its support website. According to Google, the Pixel Pass service won’t be accessible to new members. However, the service will be available to current users who already have an active Pixel Pass subscription at the very least until the subscription expires two years after the phone is purchased.

As of August 29, 2023, Pixel Pass is no more available

The service officially ended yesterday. It is no longer available to new subscribers, and neither can be renewed. Possibly, the company discontinued the service given its low utility or for not reaching the expected levels. The company has not provided any information regarding the closure of the service.

Perhaps there might be an alternate on the way. It might be unveiled after the Pixel 8 series arrives later this year. Since that would be a good time to introduce an alternative to Pixel Pass. That doesn’t imply that there isn’t an option to delay making a down payment on a new Pixel phone. As long as Google continues to offer its trade-in programs, the price of the phone may decrease. Ultimately, you are still able to purchase a new Pixel gadget but you might have to pay extra in advance.

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