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New Google OS: Chrome OS Flex for old PCs and Macs

Of Chrome OS Flex Google is now launching a new version of its operating system that users can also use separately from a Chromebook. It can be installed anywhere on PCs and Macs, the company said. The basis for the system now presented was the acquisition of Neverware a few years ago. With Cloudready, they offered a similar system that transformed local computers into cloud terminals. Google has now merged this with Chrome OS, resulting in the new Chrome OS Flex, which is now being made available in early preview for user testing.

The lightweight operating system is aimed at users who don’t necessarily need the latest features of the major platforms. Particularly in companies and schools, there are many workplaces where nothing more than a browser, e-mail client, and a few Office applications are used. This is where Chrome OS Flex should score with the fact that even older hardware that would normally be replaced is more than enough to run the new OS.

If you have worked with a Chromebook before, you will hardly notice any differences. Google’s developers have tried to implement both systems as similarly as possible. Flex also brings well-known Chrome OS features like the Google Assistant, the Chrome browser, and various tools to make the computer work with Android devices. The Play Store is available, as is the ability to manage multiple devices on the network through the Google Admin console.

Use instead of throwing away

Google also advertises that by using Chrome OS Flex, you can avoid purchasing new hardware and reduce electronic waste. In many cases, computers are exchanged because the newer Windows versions care about more up-to-date hardware – not because the older systems are faulty. According to Google, Chrome OS Flex should run smoothly on PCs ten years or older — as well as on almost all Macs with Intel processors.

Before a computer is completely converted, the new operating system can be tried out. It can be started directly from a USB stick. However, if you want to work with it for a longer period of time, we recommend installing it on the local memory. Also, don’t be discouraged by bugs in the current early development version. In a few months, Google wants to be able to offer a largely error-free first final version. The operating system can also be used for free.

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