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Google: Leaks Suggest Pixel 4a Could be Cheaper & Better Than iPhone SE 2020 & Pixel 3a

The Google Pixel 4a is expected to land as an affordable alternative to Google Pixel 4 soon, but it could be even more affordable than we expected, with the latest rumors suggesting it will cost just $349 (about £285 / AU$540). 

Stephen Hall (managing editor of 9to5Google) reported that claim in a tweet and he added that his source suggests that the price is for a 128 GB model.

Because we’ve seen evidence elsewhere that there might be a 64 GB Pixel 4a, the starting price may be even lower. 

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But even if the price of the Pixel 4a starts at $349, that’s still lower than we expected , given that the Google Pixel 3a started at $399 for 64 GB of storage, and a few previous rumors had also put the Pixel 4a at that price.

A lower price would make some sense though, because in some regions the Google Pixel 4 was cheaper to launch than the Google Pixel 3


If Google is pricing the Pixel 4a at the rumored level then it would also be a stronger rival to the iPhone SE, which is probably one of the biggest competitors of the phone.

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The new iPhone SE starts for 64 GB of storage at $399/ £419 / AU$749 – so in other words, if this rumor is right then the Google Pixel 4a will cost less and give you more storage. 

We ‘d take all of this with a bit of caution, of course, as it’s just a rumor for now, and is at odds with an earlier one, but an exciting prospect is a $349 Pixel 4a. 

We should know the official price fairly soon, as the release date for Google Pixel 4a is rumored to be June 5.

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