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Vivo: Vivo V20 Will Hit The Shelves In India Later This Year

The COVID-19 crisis has set off worldwide product refresh cycles. Now, as companies slowly pulled in to resume operations, a Vivo spokeswoman went on record to talk about her next major launch. 

Vivo India ‘s Marketing Head Nipun Marya spoke about the Vivo V20 in an interview with The Mobile Indian and confirmed it will launch in India later this year. It will succeed the Vivo V19, which is currently at the top of Vivo ‘s India lineup.

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In the interview he also touches upon other categories of products. When asked about accessories such as true wireless earbuds, he replied, “In the near future we will launch accessories which will complement our mobile ecosystem. We are going to launch those accessories which we believe are closely related to our smartphones. If we can provide the same experience as we did with our smartphones, we will only be launching mobile accessories in the country,” implying that hot categories will not be entered blindly.

He also confirmed that Vivo India is committed to investing 7,500 Rs crores in India as part of the Make in India campaign for manufacturing facilities. Other key topics included a new monthly update cycle, which will soon be shared with users.

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In India, Vivo refreshes its V series twice a year, as the V17 arrived late last year and the V19 recently launched. Deriving from that, and it comes as no surprise that this year, too, the V20 is expected. Due to the current crisis, its timeline for the launch could have been thrown off. 

It is worth pointing out that the Vivo V20 is not explicitly mentioned by Nipun. For his V series Vivo has always avoided even numbers in the past. With that logic it is more likely that in the second half of the year we will see a Vivo V21 instead.

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