Google Maps has added AI to let you pick your favorite eateries

Google Maps

Next time you use Google Maps on an iPhone or an iPad to look into eateries in your general vicinity, take a chance at tapping their names.

Google has revealed Maps’ “match” feature to the stage, which can foresee the amount you’d like a specific place. It’s one of the Yelp-like highlights the enormous G declared for the application amid its yearly I/O developer conference in May, all intended to make finding new places to visit considerably less demanding without accessing another service.

Google Maps will utilize the information it has on you, incorporating eateries you’ve gone to previously and your eating inclinations, to show a match rate. In the event that you like pizza, for example, pizzerias in the zone you’re taking a look voluntarily demonstrate a high match rate.

The match card additionally indicates why a place got that specific rating and incorporates recommendations on how you can find more places you’d like. Maps’ match highlight appeared on Android in late June, alongside trending series of spots you may appreciate in an upgraded Explore tab, which are presently likewise accessible on iOS.

Google has refreshed the application’s posting on iTunes and portrayed the new component as takes after:

“Our new “match” feature will help you find your one true love. And by love, we mean your next favourite cheeseburger. Tap on a food or drink spot to see how likely you are to enjoy it based on your unique preferences – so you can spend more time eating and less time searching for places to go.”

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Image via Green Bots