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Google might at last resolve the Tensor overheating problem

Google has been using its in-house SoC, named Tensor, with its Pixel smartphones and the Pixel tablet. Although the chip is powerful enough to run these devices, it still has some heating issues. However, some recent pieces of information from 9To5Google indicate that the Tensor G3 chip will be improved in this regard. Reportedly, Google will power the Pixel 8 series with Tensor G3 chips, which are expected to debut early next month.

The Tensor G3 might overcome the heating issue

Besides the powerful specs of a smartphone, it also needs to be cool while in use since high levels of heat can damage the internal components at a rapid rate. For this reason, it is essential to cater to heat management while creating a new device. Google and Samsung are trying to reduce this issue on their devices. Samsung is known for manufacturing chips, and therefore, it has a vital role in the performance of Tensor chips.

Although Samsung has introduced a few changes to its fabrication process, it still needs to alter a few things and adopt a different approach that could help solve the Tensor’s heat management issue. Notably, the company can use the FO-WLP (Fan-out Wafer-Level packaging) process. This process is known to reduce the heat produced while using the phone.

As of now, it appears that Samsung will be the first firm to work on this technology. It remains to be seen how this technology will improve the phone’s performance. Of course, things will become more evident with the Pixel 8 series launch. Google is expected to debut the Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro, alongside the Pixel Watch 2 in October.

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