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Google Messages might soon receive multi-device support

Who wouldn’t prefer receiving support for their chats across multiple devices? Recently, Google announced that it would be adding multi-device support to its messaging platform, i.e., Google Messages. Users are only required to use their phone numbers and Google accounts in order to sync messages.

Currently, the feature is not supported on Google Messages. If a user has two Android devices, the Google Messages app doesn’t work with the same phone number on both devices. However, the web version of the app can help users send, receive, and read messages across several devices if they are connected via a QR code.

But perhaps things are about to change. AssembleDebug, the app researcher found some code strings within the Google Messages app that hint at multi-device support features. It means that users will soon be able to sync messages across devices signed in with the same Google account. Well, this is quite convenient compared to using a web version for such purposes.

Google will add multi-device support for Messages

The feature is currently under development. According to the source, the strings are available in the latest beta version of the app. However, the feature is not working for now. It suggests that the feature requires some assembly on the company’s end. In the meantime, the same report states that users will be notified with a warning screen if a screen reader is active. It can block access to chats. The warning sign reads screen reader active. The report indicates that it will notify users that the messages will be available as soon as the screen reader is turned off. Currently, there are no details on when these features will arrive in Google Messages.

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