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Google Now Allows Customise Emojis

customise emojis

Google has now made it a lot simpler and easier to be creative with the emojis and be as expressive as one likes.

The search giant has now introduced a new feature to Gboard for Android which allows one to create a mashup of emojis.

This mashup combination of emojis is called Emoji Kitchen and it permits one to combine the favourite ones into customized stickers.

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For example, one could send a monkey emoji wearing glasses or a robot emoji having tears of joy.

Jennifer Daniel, the creative director, Emoji on the blog of the company said that they affectionately refer to this feature as the Emoji kitchen because one could explore new mixes or recipes of expression using their favourite emoji as ingredients.

These emojis could easily be used on the favourite apps, like Snapchat, Gmail, Telegram, Google’s messages app and WhatsApp. But, since the feature has just been launched it would take some time before it is made available for everyone.

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For using this emoji kitchen, first, make sure that one should have the latest version of Gboard. Then select your emoji from the keyboard of Google with a messaging application. Emoji Kitchen would give one a series of stickers to choose from.

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