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Vlogging vs Blogging: How to Choose What’s Right for You


There are several reasons that when it comes to spreading your message, you may want to choose vlogging instead of blogging. The goal for blogs and vlogs is really simple – the key is making sure that you get maximum traffic for your content. When your content is compelling, the truth is the format does not really matter much. However, there are plenty of things that will set apart your blog or your vlog.

The key is finding the format that you like best. Some do like the idea of vlogging because of the visual role that it plays, while people who are more introverted enjoy the idea of writing blogs. The key to making this a success is to make sure that you choose the platform that is right for you and your sensibilities.

There are several things to consider when you are choosing to do a vlog or a blog. Besides your level of comfort with a specific platform, there are other considerations to take into account as well. Specifically, there is your target audience. These are the people who you need to think about because whatever vehicle you choose to get your message out there must resonate with your audience. You may have lots of questions, like what is a blog and how is it different from a website among others. You will also have similar questions about vlogs. And this makes sense. That is why it is imperative to learn more about these platforms. Finding which one is best for you will ensure that you get the right number of subscribers and proper revenue streams. Here’s what you need to know about blogging vs. vlogging.

Ease of Use

There is no denying it is easier in many ways to film a video than it is to sit down and write a blog. It is actually quite difficult to write an effective blog because there are many things to consider and you have to engage the reader. The good news about vlogging is you can do live streams among other things. There are two things vlogging offers watchers – the ability to feel like you are a part of something and the ability to not think about what you are doing.

This is to say with a blog, there is a time investment along with critical thinking, with a vlog, no such thing exists. You can passively enjoy content with vlogging instead of having to work your brain around a blog. So, the reality is if you are looking for something where you can easily create content and the people who you are aiming it at enjoying passively consuming content, a vlog is right for you.


The reality about vlogs is that unless they are on YouTube, they will not receive a lot of attention. While Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels offer some live video feeds, the reality is that most people are all about YouTube. This means you have to become a part of the YouTube Partner Program, which is not an easy thing to get into. This means while you may have some great video ideas, you are essentially restricted to one platform for making money.

For blogging, this is much different. There are literally a ton of different platforms that make it easy for you to not only get your blog the right amount of play but at the same time, you have so many options for making money. One way that is really easy uses Google AdSense. This is something used by vloggers as well. But you can make money in an assortment of ways, including using sponsored posts or contacting advertisers about the space on your blog. The key is developing a following though, otherwise, you will have to leverage AdSense, and this should not be your only go-to for making money on a blog.

Promoting Your Content

The one thing that makes vlogs so very competitive against blogs is how easy it is to consume this type of content. That’s why social channels are great for vlogs. You can easily put on a teaser clip to Twitter and Instagram. However, these social channels have some time limit restrictions, but as long as you get the good bits on the trailer, you are set. As for blogs, it works a little differently. Social media can be helpful if you are a big enough personality. However, you can’t quite capture someone’s attention with a pull quote like you can with something on video. Still, the blog has many attributes for its promotion, including having it featured on other sites while the vlog is stuck on YouTube is certainly an advantage when it comes to the reach that a blog could have.

Introversion vs. Extroversion

It comes as no surprise that extroverts have no trouble being on camera but introverts want nothing to do with this particular form of promotion. In fact, when you look at vloggers and bloggers, you will see that while bloggers may have a big personality when they write, in person they are much more introverted and less likely to interact with others. Conversely, the extroversion of the vlogger works perfectly in their medium. The key with vlogging is you want to draw people in, so the bigger the personality, the more people are all about watching and listening to your vlog simply because they are curious about you.

Introverts are more interested in absorbing what is going on around them and being thoughtful about how they interact with it, which makes blogging perfect for them. Introverts get to put their thoughts out there without having to worry about performing for an audience, and this is just a really simple way for an introvert to be out there while not feeling like they are losing their privacy, which is something important. So, while extroverts are ideal for the camera, introverts are ideal for the writing of the blogs.

Some Pro And Cons of Blogging And Vlogging

1- Blogging is easier to create but it takes a lot of time and effort to get results.

2- Vlogging takes time and effort to create but gets results a little quicker.

3- Blogging needs too much patience to be successful.

4- Vlogging needs too much creativity to be successful.

5- Blogging is a long term investment.

6- Vlogging is a short term investment.

7-Blogging gets popular as time passes.

8- Vlogging gets fade a time passes.

9- Blogging income increases slowly.

10- Vlogging income increases faster.

Now you have an idea, how Vlogging and blogging are compared, you can now easily decide which is for you.

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