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Google now pay hackers to find flaws in top Android apps

There is a difference between a good cop and a bad cop, hackers are not always cybercriminals, ethical hacking is what tech companies desperately need to ensure quality and security at an optimum level. Since the web technology is getting diverse, there are more vulnerabilities and security flaws that need to be addressed at all time, a minor ignorance could lead to irredeemable damage to millions of people around the world.

Google is ostensibly looking to improve the overall quality of the apps in the Play Store, Googles intention to raise the quality standard is also evident by Google’s previous statement in which Google said it would start ranking apps in the Play Store based on the quality of the app and its performance.

Now Google has decided to launch a new bug bounty program which is completely different from the previous one, it’s a new addition to the existing ones actually. Google’s previous bounty programs used to offer payments for finding flaws and security threats in operating systems and websites that are largely used by users but this time, Google asks you to focus on third-party Android apps on the Play Store to find flaws and vulnerabilities in them.

Hackers have to submit their findings straight to developers and work with them before they can turn the report in through Hackerone bounty platform to get their reward.

Google will pay you $1000 for each issue that meets the criteria, it important to note that Google would not pay for the spammy apps listed on the Play Store. The bug bounty is only for top third-party apps, there is a certain criterion to be fulfilled before you can claim your reward.

Currently, hackers can only get the reward of $1000 if they are able to find flaws in Snapchat, Dropbox, Alibaba, Line, Duolingo, Tinder, Headspace and Mail.ru.

It’s not just the bunch of apps, Google also plans to invite more developers in the future but they must be willing to patch if any vulnerabilities found in their apps.

Now its hackers and bounty hunters turn to patrol around the most famous apps and find the loopholes if they wish to enjoy $1000 reward.

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