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Google Pixel Fold Delayed Again Releases 2023

The search engine company Google has been working on a foldable smartphone for a long time. While the device might have been scheduled for this year, the foldable would have been delayed again. The new model should appear next year at the earliest.

The Korean News Portal TheElec there is information that the launch of the first foldable Google smartphone will be further delayed. The launch was originally planned for last year and was slated for the fourth quarter of the current year. The company is said to have postponed the launch until 2023 and plans a release in the second half of the year.

The product should not yet meet claims

No problems in the supply chain should be responsible for the renewed delay. Instead, Google doesn’t seem to have developed the product enough to bring it to market. The version of the collapsible developed so far has yet to live up to Google’s own claims. Since the smartphone has to compete with Samsung’s Fold series, the current performance should not be enough. The search engine company probably plans to equip the model with the second generation of its tensor chips. The upcoming foldable should fold inward and feature a 7.57-inch main screen.

The second screen measures 5.78 inches and is said to have been manufactured by Samsung. It is conceivable that the device will be marketed as Google Pixel Notepad and will cost around $1400. Of course, Google has not yet commented on the foldable smartphone itself, nor has it given any official details, so it remains unclear whether and when the device will actually see the light of day. 

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