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HTC Delays New high-end smartphone due to corona pandemic

HTC delays the launch of its new flagship smartphone expected for this year. The smartphone pioneer had announced a corresponding product as part of the MWC and now cites delivery problems as the reason for the delay. Like HTC on his Facebook site In response to a request from a loyal customer from his native Taiwan, the coronavirus pandemic is currently causing problems in the global supply chain, preventing the schedule for the launch of new HTC smartphone models.

New Model Targeting ‘Metaverse’ Features

A representative of the company confirmed that they are still working on new devices, but that their release is being postponed for the reasons mentioned. However, there was no more precise information about the postponement or an estimated timeframe for the market introduction of the new products. Whether HTC also wants to offer its new flagship internationally is doubtful.

The company, which recently had to report its worst sales in 20 years due to falling demand due to rising inflation and several other factors, is now more of an expensive hobby for the corporate boss and billionaire Cher Wang. It recently focused on the HTC Vive series of VR solutions and only offers its smartphones on a very small scale, especially in Taiwan.

HTC’s last flagship model was Exodus 1, which was tailored to handle cryptocurrencies. The new high-end smartphone, which was actually announced for April 2022, is said to have a specialization: this time it is aimed at the “Metaverse”. Apparently, developers are mainly aiming for VR and AR applications, although it is unclear to what extent a high-end smartphone can play a role in this area. 

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