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Google redesigns the Gboard shortcuts toolbar

The keyboard app of Google is known as Gboard. Since last year in August, Google is working on a revamped design of the Gboard app. More specifically, the redesign is related to the top shortcuts toolbar of the keyboard.

The recent updates were uncovered by folks at 9to5Google while APK teardown of recent beta updates for the Gboard app. These insights have revealed some details about the recent modifications. Now the shortcuts are presented with separate rectangle-shaped containers similar to other keys. The microphone button is an exception to this modification. It is presented on the right side of the toolbar in a circular container. Furthermore, the button presented on the left side is also housed in a circular container. It seems like the plan is to present the whole keyboard with a more consistent look.

Previously, the Gboard was presented with a button that enabled hiding the shortcuts. However, the new updates have changed that with an edit button. The edit button will help to add or remove the shortcuts from the toolbar. Previously, the ellipsis button (three horizontal dots or …) was used for this purpose but now it has been relocated to the left side. When the ellipsis button is clicked, the users will be presented with shortcuts that could be held and dragged, and added to the toolbar. Furthermore, note that now the toolbar section is comparatively denser.

The recent modifications have increased the usability of the Gboard. It now offers more room for customization. However, we don’t know exactly when these changes will start to roll out. As of now, they are even not presented in the latest beta version.

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